Website development

All big companies have a website, but nowadays even your local car dealer and bakery is expected to have one. Potential customers may use it to read about:

  • information about the items you sell
  • types of services offered by the company
  • special offers
  • openings hours and holidays
  • address and phone number
  • etc.

This may make the difference between a deal and no deal. However, as a manager of a small company, you don't want to spent a lot of money on yet another place potential customers may look for you (like the yellow pages, ...). Here YESS can help you: YESS makes simple but good websites for an affordable prize.



How much costs a website, you might ask. Well, you should divide this into two parts: the annual costs for the hosting your website (this is around EUR 20) and the costs for the creation of the website, which is a onetime cost. After YESS has created your website, you can use it without a time constraint and without an annual fee. Updating your website (for changing e.g. the special offers or the holiday schedule) can be done by yourself (quite easy, like typing a text in Word) or, if you wish, YESS can do this for you.



To get an idea of the type of websites that YESS has developed, take a look at the website of Wellen Motors. The idea and layout of the website were developed in close cooperation between Wellen Motors and YESS. Then YESS made some example pages and with the feedback from Wellen Motors YESS created the complete site, to the great satisfaction of Wellen Motors.

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